Sri La Sri Mahanandha Siddha

On 25.12.2002 around midnight appeared Lord Shiva (supreme divine consciousness) in front of Sri la Sri Mahananda Siddha and told him "You are a Siddha with a lifetime of 500 years, go to the holy Mahadeva- mountain, live there in a cave, worship me, and protect the world and the people. " After delivering the message, Lord Shiva disappeared.

Over night in the age of 71 Mahananda Siddha left his belongings and moved to the Mahadeva- mountain. He did as Lord Shiva had instructed him. When he reached the Mahadeva- mountain, Lord Shiva appeared again to him and told him how to live in the future. He told him: "Your body should be covered with ash. You should only take a bath on Chithirai day on 14
th of April every year. You should avoid, to ask for money. All richness will come by itself to this mountain. Liberate the people from suffering and disease. Offer ever person which come to the mountain food.” In the following time Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddha lived for several years in a cave on the mountain in complete seclusion. According to a message from Siddha Agastya from the palm leaf library,  Mahananda Siddha is a full incarnation of Siva.

Since 2008 Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddha is constructing a huge temple with the help of 170 workers now. The temple will play an important role in the future and will protect the people and mother Earth. Mahananda Siddha says that this temple will stay as long as planet earth will exist. Meanwhile 1,000 people in average come daily to the temple. Each person gets a meal.

Using the powerful Siddha
medicine Mahananda Siddha healed many people and children in the last years who were deaf and dumb from birth.