Agastya Rishi- The first Siddha

Agastya Rishi is the first Siddha in the lineage of the 19 Siddhas and one of the "sapta rishis" (seven great seers). He is a direct disciple of Shiva.  Siddha Agastya was a great Yogi, alchemist and physician. He is considered to be a great master of the traditional ayurvedic medicine.

Siddha Agastya, as one of the sapta rishis, is one of the founders of the palm leaf library, also known under the name "Nadi Shastra". The palm leaf library was created to give guidance to every person who visits them during life-time. Every visitor receives in a serious Nadi Reading (reading) impressive accurate information about past incarnations, how actions of the past lifes effect the present life and which methods are needed to balance and transform these inner imbalances to live a happy life. The information is written by Rishis on palm leaves.

The Jiva Nadi ("Jiva" means "life") is another form of the palm leaf library. The difference from the more known Nadi Shastra is that Siddha Agastya and Lubamitra (wife of Agastya), as well as other spiritual teachers enter into a direct and real communication with people and lead them from the subtle spiritual world. The incoming messages appear written in light on palm leaves. The Nadi Reader transmits the messages to the respective person.