Who are the 19 Siddhas?








The word "Siddha" comes from the ancient Indian language “Tamil” and means “perfection”. A Siddha has attained the highest consciousness possible, but consciously decided not to become one with the divine source to be able to help all existing beings to find their way back to their own inner origin. A Siddha works exclusively for the preservation and protection of the energy balance of the earth and the people. For that he can operate in a physical form or from the subtle spiritual levels.

Siddhas are completely liberated souls and universal teachers. They don´t follow any system or religion. For them only ONE world, ONE nature, ONE humanity, ONE  universe exist. Boundaries are man-made.
In the Indian state  Tamil Nadu exist, the very powerful lineage of the 19 Siddhas. It begins with Siddha Agastya. Agastya Rich is the founder of the palm leaf library in India and co-founder of the ayurvedic medicine. The 19th Siddha is Sri La Sri Mahanandha Siddha, who lives in Tamil Nadu in South India. Since 2008 he is constructing a huge temple there which will play a main role in the coming age.


Siddhas are and were physicians, alchemists, scientists, yogis and have knowledge about gemstones. Some of them built very powerful temples. Siddhas work in the background, imperceptible for the most of people.  They live an exceptionally long life. Usually they become between 150-2000 years old. There are Siddhas which even become older.