Psychological Counseling

In the course of our lives, there are always phases in which we get into crises. There is probably no person on earth who has not gone through a crisis at some point in his or her life. 


They are part of our life. Their task is to lead us to growth and to find our way into a higher vision of ourselves. This happens by developing higher, healing and more harmonious perspectives in relation to ourselves and our situation. In holistic psychological counseling, we look holistically at the issues behind the problem and develop solutions and ways to manage and transform the current state in a positive way. 


The first consultation is an anamnesis and serves to get to know each other. It lasts about 120 minutes, each further consultation 60 minutes. The costs for the anamnesis talk are: 115 Euro/ reduced 95 Euro, each further talk lasts 75 €/ reduced 55 € (pensioners, students, Hartz IV). The consultation can be done in vivo or via Zoom in German, English or Spanish.