About Me

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My outer journey

My name is Stephanie. I was born in 1982 in the small half-timbered house town of Höxter, in North Rhine-Westphalia. After my school years I studied psychology and worked for four years as a psychologist at Caritas as a family and life counselor in the Allgäu region. As a sideline, I did a two-year training as a yoga teacher at that time. Now I have been leading yoga courses for adults and children in group and individual classes for about ten years. In the meantime, I have developed my own style and am always full of gratitude for being able to do what I love.


Since December 2015 I have also been working as a lecturer at the European Academy for Ayurveda in Birstein. I helped to establish the meditation leader training course there and increasingly also teach in seminars for psychology and Ayurveda. At the Academy I completed a 3-year training as a psychological Ayurveda therapist. In addition, after two years of training, I am a yoga therapist since September 2020 and additionally accompany people with physical complaints. Since 2019 I study Ayurvedic medicine and Vedic astrology. In addition, I lead meditation retreats and am an author, painter and musician. 


All the experiences on my path have resulted in my work blending all my experiential knowledge from yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, psychotherapy, personal development and healing into a holistic approach.


I look forward to getting to know you and to accompany and inspire you on your heart's journey.


My inner journey

Until 2011, I led a rather normal life. I had a great job and was in a long-term relationship. Although everything was right in my life on the outside, I knew deep inside that something else was waiting for me. 


In 2011, I received such a strong inner call from my heart that I couldn't ignore it. I knew then that a life cycle was coming to an end and that it was important for me and my further path to follow this call. I let go of everything in the following time and went to Mexico for a year. There, the voice of my heart unfolded the path step by step. During my time in Mexico I was allowed to learn a lot from the ancient traditions of the Maya and Aztecs, among others. The deep learning experiences I made during this intensive time were of great importance for my further path. However, I was to understand the larger context of my experiences only a year later, when I went to India again for half a year.


In India my spiritual teachers Agastya Rishi and Lubamitra came into my life. The inner guidance that I already perceived in Mexico had not been an imagination and was given a name. Since October 2013, my path is now guided from the spiritual world through the palm leaf library (Jiva Nadi) in India. Agastya Rishi was one of its main founders several thousand years ago.


In January 2014, after returning from India, I opened the Yoga and Siddha Center in Markdorf in May 2014. Since then I have been allowed to accompany many people on their inner path.


On 11/19/2019, due to a message from the Palm Leaf Libraries (Jiva Nadi), I started a 2.5-month journey through Europe, during which I was allowed to travel to 13 countries. During this profound time full of intense experiences that still move me deeply until today, the impulse for another book was born in order to share the experiences with people. Writing this book is one of my current projects.