About me



My Curriculum
My name is Stephanie Bunk. I was born on May 3rd 1982, in Höxter,  North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. I studied Rehabilitation Psychology and worked for about four years as a life counseler for Caritas. During my former profession as a psychologist, I made a two-year yoga-teacher training. Since 2010 I give yoga lessons to adults and children in groups or in individual lessons. Since December 2014 I am in a training as a yoga therapist and psychological Ayurveda therapist.


One of my lifelong passions is music, especially to combine healing with music. I completed a one-year training in "the healing power of singing". On 2011 I started to write own songs.

My inner journey
In 2011 I heard such a strong inner call that I gave up my former way of life and went to Mexico for one year. In Mexico, I had the unique chance, amongst other things, to learn a lot from the Mexican traditions of the Maya and Aztecs. The experiences that I made in this very intense time were very important for my further inner path. In January 2013 I returned to Germany and re-established my life near to the Lake Constance.
In August of the same year, I went to India for about five more months. There my path took a major turn. I met the 19th Siddha, Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddha. During this time of wonders and extraordinary experiences, my spiritual teacher Siddha Agastya and Lubamitra came into my life. Since October 2013, they guide me through the palm leaf library (JivaNadi).


On 08/19/2015 I received the blessing from Siddha Agastya to initiate people in Two Minutes Yoga.